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Includes "Standart" plan features
  • Multi-page site
  • Online applications on the site
  • Protecting your website from DDos attacks
  • The ability to blog
  • Business mail


ZHANNA KAZAKOVA — studio interior design

The main activity is interior design, architectural supervision and painting of walls in the Tomsk region.

The main task is to create an interior that will delight every day with its ergonomics and functional, aesthetic characteristics and fit your lifestyle, as well as help you make the right choice in materials, combination of textures, and colors.

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Gazprom – case of the multiplying talents intellectual tournament

The task of the competition for young scientists to create a system for determining the required cores. Developed by the web studio GiraffeWeb.

"We are developing a system that can automatically process core photos, thereby increasing productivity."

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FlorEco — florariums in Tomsk

Partner project. The guys create their own world in small containers that can exist for several years!

They attend all kinds of exhibitions and conferences, read their blog to learn more about science in Tomsk!

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Tutor in Tomsk

They conduct individual lessons with your child in mathematics, choosing those methods that will help not only understand, but also assimilate the material.

Learning math is a must, but you must understand it. Teach your child the skills they need to do well on the exam.

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Confort TRANSFER - transfers in airports and cities in Turkey

International client.

A site where you can order a transfer from the airport, train station, hotel and along any tourist route at a previously known price.

The site has a system for choosing cars, a description of the services and benefits of the service, reviews, answers to questions, a feedback form, which are decorated in a modern design. All these elements, when combined together, create an aesthetic and stylish concept of the site's theme.

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Open site — intellectual system for your site

New AI technology will help users navigate your website and maintain a colorful and, most importantly, lively conversation at any time of the day. By webstudio GiraffeWeb.

By installing on the site, you will make life easier for users: you will help to leave your requests on the site, find information faster, increase your sales absolutely free!

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RGWorld — game server in Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game. In it, players extract resources, fight, the goal is to survive and defeat the main character.

RGWorld is a Moscow project. The peculiarity lies in the privacy of the server, which allows players to calmly conduct gaming activities.

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The international cooperation

Web studio works with advanced tools for the development of high-load web projects. All sites are located on servers around the world, which provides instant access to your resources.

  • 1. Cooperation with National University of Oil and Gas «Gubkin University». Openness of the web studio: attending conferences, internships, business meetings

  • 2. Modern development environments

  • 3. International projects

Support & Maintenance

The projects we create are undergoing maintenance, which ensures the stability of the site. In addition, constant support is available to our customers. If you have any questions, please call our hotline.

+7 (913) 854 89 60


Provides answers to popular questions that may arise before ordering a site.


How do you pay? Is it possible to make an estimate?

Payment for the project takes place in two stages: prepayment, 50% of the cost, upon completion of the project there is an additional payment. Upon completion of the project, you will receive official documentation from our web studio with all instructions. The project estimate is also drawn up.


Which domain name should I choose for my business?

Let's start with the fact that the domain name is a link to your site. It should be associated with your case. Usually, the name of the business is the domain of the project.


How long does it take to develop a website?

It all depends on the complexity of developing your ideas. Basically, from 2 weeks to a month.


What do you provide besides web development?

We are engaged in SMM and targeted advertising. These services are purchased separately from the project. I would like to say that every website we have developed has SEO optimization and is well indexed by search engines, both foreign and domestic.


What will the website bring me?

The site has many different features. It all depends on what you are doing. All the big companies have websites today. This means that they are really in demand. At the very least, this will bring you new buyers / clients / readers. Will bring your business to the next level.


Which site is right for me?

Our experts are ready to advise you absolutely free of charge on this issue. Landing pages are in demand today. These are one-page sites that contain all relevant information about the business, created in order to attract a client to leave an application.

“Great web studio! I managed to do everything that I wanted to implement on my website. Thanks to the developers! ”

Melentieva Anastasia, Barnaul city

Web shop, FlorEco

“Thanks for your work, patience, and quick feedback! Good luck in your work and further development! 👍 ”

Kazakova Zhanna, Tomsk city

Interior design studio ZHANNAKAZAKOVA

“We worked with the head of the web studio, Danil, on an advertisement for our karate club. We met several times offline to discuss points regarding work. The work was done perfectly, Danil was always polite and punctual, answered all the questions of interest, put everything literally on the shelves. As a result: a specific target audience was selected, ad creatives were created, and ads were configured. After working with him, we also began to understand a little more about the target. On behalf of our club, we thank Danil for the work done and cooperation with us. 🤝 ”

Skvortsova Anna, Tomsk city

Karate club "Siberia"

“Thank you very much Danil for developing not only the website, but also the creation of a cross-platform server. We advise the development of a web studio and new successful projects!”

Muradov Roman, Moscow city

Game project RGWorld